The Moon Landing



Everyone has the Kennedy Assassination moments of their life.  the Lunar Moon Landings, the 9/11, the Berlin Wall comin down.  A # of parallels to earth shattering moments in our lives.  My buddy Zane introduced me to the concept.  We decided to kick it and watch Matrix in HD DVD, and he described the first Matrix flick as and i quote “dude that movie is my kennedy assassination!” i reply “What!?” he says “my moon landing bro, that movie changed everything for me”.  And then i began to gather an assortment of memories that are just such beacons of significance.  The Matrix film may be up there in that pantheon of world changery.  But definitely when i purchased a Tool Album, Lateralus it was.  One small step for Mike in the real world, one giant leap for my interpretations of reality.  That was the straw that broke the camel’s back on going into a rabbit hole of musical experiences that continue to this day.  My whole understanding of that creative outlet just shifted completely with the purchase of that album.  Spiritual, transcendent, whatever you wanna call em, they just change things.  A similar moment occurred when i was lying watching History channel HD, “The Universe” the series is called.  I just got this ridiculous overwhelmed sensation of how small i was.  It wasn’t humility, it wasn’t feeling how insignificant i was, it was just knowing that I can be satisfied in life knowing that i am not even a microscopically visible scratch on the surface of the history of outside reality, and i can sleep much more soundly at night knowing that I don’t have to act like the world must be changed by me.  I want to list them all, these epiphanies etc.  But i actually more then anything live to experience such moments with other people and know that i either participated with them in or allowed them to describe to me such moments.

I believe my roomies and I recently have partaken in such transcendent moments.  Something as simply enjoying each others company watching a show called Sons of Anarchy.  Who knows if the show is so poetic itself or philisophically stimulating and important, but something about viewing it as buddies has resulted in a powerful human connection.

to try to describe completely seems futile.  Just knowing those things happen seems sufficient enough.  Personally I’d like to know other peeps such moments of significance and have them briefly share in the comments section.

Mikey V returns to the blogs and is happy to be back PEACE