Music is Love

I think I’m terrible at giving gifts in the traditional sense.  I always want to buy people something I would want and just hope that they will like it as well.  Every now and again I’m really in touch with what the person enjoys or wants or needs and I get satisfaction out of making em happy that way.  But in the past when I’ve gotten to know people I’ve always had this tendency to burn them CD’s.  There are the rare grip of people who actually appreciate this.  But the general tendency of humans,  I’ve noticed, is to not care that much for something unless it was their idea.  I’ve learned over time that to dodge disappointment required me not suggesting movies, music, and books very often.  3 of the things that I am voracious for.  I know this sounds like accepting defeat or being pessimistic, but I’ve begun to value my opinion about these things and feel similarly that giving it out is only worth it if I know the individual will equally value the suggestion.

It was a Christmas (2008 I believe) and I gave my girlfriend some 10,000 songs on her Ipod…this is an estimate.  She deleted them after we broke up, along with all the great pictures we took…bummer.  I feel I can say this because I’m more than positive she doesn’t read this blog.  And it’s not vindictive in anyway.  It’s just to say that I’ve used music as love my whole life.  When I love someone, I often want to give them music, watch great movies, or suggest fabulous books that I’ve read.

So let me put it this way.  If I ever suggest artists or better yet want to make you a burned CD…it means love.


5 thoughts on “Music is Love

  1. I’ve noticed that there seems to be an issue with pride in accepting music. I used to be completely defiant to all forms of music that I hadn’t ‘discovered’ on my own; luckily this has long since passed. Although musical tastes may not coincide, I agree as I have gifted music to those that I care about; we want them to know the cool things we’ve found. Sometimes this aggressive assertion is viewed as pretentious or self-inflating. It’s not, you know that. It’s a gift not a chastisement. Not to say that I have weird bro-love for you, but we should exchange some music sometime.

  2. I’ve discovered some some completely life-enhancing music, books and movies thanks to your recommendations and gifts. I love receiving these forms of Mike VO love! My favorite is when I get the inside peek of some of your lyrics and vocal tracks.

  3. I definitely do this myself too, where I made cd compilations for others of music I liked or gave someone a book I also enjoyed too. I wonder if it is because I am hoping this person may be able to relate to me intellectually better or be able “to see what I see” sort of thing. If I am lucky they will see what I see in the things I enjoyed or gained pleasure/inspiration from and we will talk about it. Now-a-days I avoid giving such personalized gifts because I never really knew if anyone enjoyed them or appreciated them, instead I try to give out more useful gifts or gifts that I know that person has a taste for. Perhaps I am trying to avoid rejection, either way love is shown in many different ways. You bring up an interesting point. I think it is something to be aware of that people express love in different ways.

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