2 WOOTS for Truth!

I have an inspiration playlist.  Mostly stuff that sparks pondering, nothing too heavy but generally not overly light.  If I get too amped up writing I tend to get kind of aggressive with my prose and think my ideas are more urgent to express then necessary….or rather more urgent a tone than most people are willing to digest (and I don’t blame them, I can get intense).  Heavy music can do that to me, and no doubt it’s a therapeutic mode and there ain’t nothing wrong with that mindset, but it’s best utilized in some stream of consciousness super intense journal entries.  If the music is too light, it becomes relaxation mode, I don’t ponder so much to say Explosions in the Sky.  I more so just straight listen to that kind of music, or it can be very good background noise for studying.  Now, on the other hand, you get some Kid Cudi with a ponderous beat and introspective lyrics, some intellection wants to become words.  Or perhaps Russian Circles, ponderous, heavy at times, progressive, and instrumental.  The kind of stuff that makes you feel like your flying over landscapes, observing the world, and pondering how to solve it’s problems or exactly what your place on this space rock really is.

Some artists on my ponderous playlist
Arcade Fire
Radiohead (no brainer)
El-P instrumentals
select Mastodon and Tool tracks

You like how I sneak in some choice artists and bands without outright suggesting, it’s all in the flow.  But now I just outed my covert strategy.  Whatever.  And by the way, the new Explosions in the Sky: Take Care Take Care Take Care, is a most excellent piece of listening.

I cleaned my room today, put a bookshelf in there as my book and blu ray selection is getting rather robust.  I take careful consideration as to what will be the top shelf books and what will get ostracized to the foot level resting place.  I clean my room but once a month, I swear.  I’m a perfectionist and so I usually end up not doing things because I don’t want to half-ass it.  It’s not the best way to live life, and I recall my brother explaining to me how many things cleared up for him personally and professionally when he tackled that beast of perfectionism.  I’ll need to look into some material.  Perhaps I’ve beaten the mental health, philosophy, and brain health topics to a bloody pulp and moving to some new non-fic topics would be good.

So much focus on the self, being in the mind all the time.  And it doesn’t help that so much of my reading involves Psychology.  I was already a heavy thinker all through life, now that I’ve learned the curious nature of mood and motivation, I almost wonder if ignorance was a better option.  Too late now, but truth and knowledge I feel win out eventually and is the best medicine for any wounds: physical, spiritual, emotional, and whatever else you can think of.  2 WOOTS! for truth.

I leave you with this small window into the mind of Mike.  Thanks all who read and comment and subscribe please…PEACE!


One thought on “2 WOOTS for Truth!

  1. Excellent post. Perfectionism is an interesting beast.

    Here’s a great video on the topic that I found helpful.

    In fact, that was the first time I discovered Stef’s content.

    I’ve been in a strange music funk lately. Oddly, a lot of music just doesn’t get me amped, make me think or enhance my mood while working. It’s very strange.

    I’m definitely going to give Explosions in the Sky a look. I’m really on the look out for new music that will reach out and grab me and get me jazzed about music again.

    I just started a fascinating book on psychology and philosophy about what motivated behavior and a fundamental level. The book’s called “Who Am I?”

    Though, I do keep thinking that a break from such stuff might be good. I’m hopeful that Game of Thrones will get me excited about some fiction once again.

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