A Personal Meditation (Mindfulness Reminders)


I wrote this over a year ago at a time of┬áserious self reflection. Questioning, doubting, and working towards more patience and compassion with myself (something I think we all struggle and face with regularity). I wanted to share it here as many of my friends at the time that I wrote this said that they had found the words comforting and helpful. I know I haven’t revisited the words enough and that is what they are designed to be for. So, I hope they can resonate with another as they had and continue to have deep significance for me.

Petitioning the Deepest, Authentic, Inner Self

Allow me to give of myself that I might find myself

Help me see more the good around me, and in myself

Turn away from any secrecy in my actions,

and the hiding of my feelings and thoughts

Be present

Accept the past

Have curiosity, not despair for the future

Remain patient when hope ebbs

Realize that someone is there to listen

Reach out if someone else is struggling

Understand the power in sharing our human experience

Remember that I am never alone

Help me be diligent in offering and acting with natural goodness

Find where my talents can be beneficial and edifying for others

Give freely and do not revel in praise or recognition

Maintain vision,

And if I lose sight, call to mind where that can and has taken me

Let go of what I cannot control

Embrace and have reverence for mystery, ambiguity, the undiscovered

Being ever aware of that uncertainty,

But inviting towards the possibilities of each new day